Financial Wellness: What My Mom Taught Me.

My mom used to do this thing that absolutely drove me up the wall, she would buy things on clearance that she thought she would give as gifts. She had this plastic container that she kept in her closet so whenever she needed a gift, she could just go look in there. This came in really handy if someone just unexpectedly gave her a gift or if life happened and you just forgot to run to the store and grab something (especially in my tiny hometown…if you didn’t get something before 8pm when everything closed, you were SOL), you had an entire container of gifts that you could choose from. I always thought it was so annoying. That was then. This is now. Now I completely see the benefit and financial savyness of buying something that is universally liked or that you are fairly certain you will give as a gift when it goes on sale and just keeping a small collection of things to give out as gifts.

I inadvertently did this for this holiday season. Our office does a Secret Santa thing where you give your person a little gift everyday. Well, throughout the year, I have bought a few things that were on sale to use as backups when I run out of something or because I thought I would like to use/have it…turns out these things were actually great little gift ideas. So I didn’t have to spend a ton of extra money buying gifts when I already had some that I had gradually accumulated over the year.

However, I am also a minimalist, so having a box of things to give as gifts sort of makes me want to shutter. But I do have an empty plastic shoe sized container that I’m thinking would be perfect to store my finds during the year for gifts to just have on hand.

What are some financial wellness tips that your mom taught you that you originally rolled your eyes at but later discovered that they are actually awesome?

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