Occupational Wellness: The Standing Desk, Yes?

I have for a long time been talking about how I want a standing desk at work or that I need to bring a stability ball in to use as my chair instead of a regular desk chair. This morning I was scrolling through the Washington Post when I saw this beauty of an article all about standing up at your desk. The author, Sydney Trent documents her and her friend Monica’s journey to standing at their desks so they “won’t diiiiieeee”.  I found it really interesting and something maybe even common that we experience…where you think you have found the perfect solution but you don’t realize everything that comes with that solution.

Sydney got her desk raised to be a standing desk but then soon realized that heels…well they were just out of the question. She then realized how hard it is on your back to stand on basically cement so she also bought a pad to stand on. But then she realized that it was really a pain in the you know what to move her desk from a standing desk to a regular desk when she wanted to sit down and work so then she purchased a stool to sit on when she needed too. She then started feeling numbness in her toes from standing for too long.

Having worked in a job where you stand the entire day and then working a job where you sit the entire day…I can say from personal experience that both are little to no fun (the sitting or standing not the actual job). But I really enjoyed Sydney’s experience and tips that she learned about having a standing desk.

What are your thoughts of a standing desk? Is it something you are interested in having?

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