Intellectual Wellness: I Watched This One Documentary…

I love documentaries. Love them. Well, except bad documentaries. I will watch a documentary on pretty much anything and everything. Russia’s Toughest Prisons? Yup. Frozen Planet? Absolutely. Eating w/ Cannibals? Watched it. I just love them. I love the opportunity to sit my bootay down in front of the TV and absorb knowledge beyond the cartoons that I watch.

Watching TV is kind of a guilty pleasure so I try to make it educational as well. I also try to stay active when I watch TV. So during the commercials I will get up and put stuff away, do my dishes, get my stuff ready for the next day, brush my teeth, wash my face…something. Just something so I am getting up and not spending the whole 2 hours plopped on my garage sale found futon.

How do you make a guilty pleasure “healthier”?

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