Physical Wellness: Do What You Do.

Have any of you ever been talking about your workout and you get eye rolls or preached that “oh you should NOT be doing that that you HAVE to do this” or blah blah blah? I know I have. And I know I have been guilty of the eye roll too. Someone is talking about a new fangled workout or diet they are on and I think it is stupid so I secretly groan and roll my eyes. I have had others preach to me that doing cardio is stupid and all you need to do is lift big and heavy. Or if you want to build muscle and shred fat you have to eat like this or like that and how dare you eat that? That’s just pointless. Blah blah blah.

Anyone else ever get sick of everyone trying to make decisions about their life?

Well, perhaps you could start by stopping the judge-y eye rolls and groans. Perhaps it’s not about changing how other people treat you but how you treat others. Perhaps it has nothing to do with other people. Maybe it’s time to silence the other voices and do the workouts that you love and eat the food that you want to eat. Maybe you do your own research to figure out what works best for you. Maybe, you start to realize that other people don’t dictate your happiness, you do.

By the way, you=I in this post.

Happy Friday!

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