Financial Wellness: The Cell Phone.

My contract is up at the end of the month for my cell phone and I will not be renewing it. I will be saving myself over $50 a month by going with a prepaid phone. My current cell phone bill is close to $100/month (with a 15% discount) and my new plan will put me at $40/month. I never really thought about having a prepaid phone because…well they seem sketchy. But das boy has one and has done some further research into other companies and helped me find a new plan that will give me all the features I want and also cutting my phone bill in by more than half, saving me $600/year. The one downside to having a prepaid phone is that you have to pay upfront for a new phone. Luckily, by waiting and shopping deals, it looks like I will get a pretty decent phone (Nokia Lumia 520) for less than $100 (which if I were staying with my current cell provider I would pay anyway for a new phone on contract).

Sometimes it is worth doing the extra research to see how you can save a little extra cash. And that little extra cash definitely adds up!

3 thoughts on “Financial Wellness: The Cell Phone.

    • This is a perfectly timed comment! I just activated my phone this weekend! I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 for $60 and activated my service which will be $40/month instead of $100! It’s a little more work to do the prepaid service but definitely worth it! So far, I’m glad I went with prepaid service! And I would have spent around the same amount upgrading a phone on contract, so I really don’t feel like I have lost money at all!

      • And if you’r phone breaks you can just buy another from Ebay! Its amazing people that need the latest and greatest phone usually have a perfectly working device that can be bought for cheap. pre-paid definitely takes a bit more research and effort but absolutely worth it.

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