Mental Wellness: My Wardrobe?

Why is my wardrobe classified as mental wellness? Well, since I have decided to dive into the world of minimalism, it has become a mental wellness aspect. I decided around this time last year to adopt a more minimalist approach to life, and by far reducing my wardrobe has been one of the hardest things. When I was in undergrad, I had something like 30 pairs of jeans. Today I have 2. It has taken a lot of time really to go through my closet and critique what I have to ensure that my wardrobe is something of…ease.

But what does a wardrobe have to do with mental wellness? Well, as I have decluttered my wardrobe (and donated items that I no longer need/wear), I have been able to make my days less hectic and the decision making process at night (sometimes in the morning) much easier. My wardrobe is not exciting and is mainly black and grey (gray?). But it is something that I have found works the best for me and helps relieve an unnecessary stress of not knowing what to wear or even if something matches. The other thing that I have been actually really good about doing is having a very strict one in one out rule for my wardrobe. I have x amount of hangers and I’m not buying anymore. So if I want to buy a new shirt or something, that means that something else has to go. The other thing that I have been working on is not buying just to buy clothes. Back in undergrad when I had all those pairs of jeans, I wore about 2 pairs and the rest were just jeans to just have jeans. I am now more concentrated on fit, style, and quality of my clothes versus just having clothes. By having a minimal wardrobe of things that look good on me and I feel good in, I make getting ready for my day really quick easy and simple. All things I love.

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