Emotional Wellness: The Thrill.

Since I have spoken about wanting to move to Canada, I have had a number of people contact me offering help and words of advice. I think I have narrowed down that Toronto is where I would like to move and it seems like a good fit based on my conversations with people and research. Some people have asked me, “Why are you wanting to move?” or “Why Canada?” And honestly, it has been a little hard to respond to that beyond the simple fact of…I like the challenge. I love moving to a new place and learning a new city. And even though for my extremely introverted self it is difficult to find new friends, I actually have come to enjoy that challenge as well. I’m definitely someone who gets intimated my challenges but that feeling that you get after you conquer a challenge? Oh man, it is just unmatched by any other feeling! I’m terrified of having to meet new people. I’m socially awkward and I get really nervous having to do it. But every time, it gets easier and easier to do and I don’t make as much of a fool of myself as I did before.

It’s the same with learning a new city, a new job, a new neighborhood…all of it. I love the thrill of having a challenge and being able to conquer it. As I move forward with this new challenge and new goal, I’m excited to work on conquering these obstacles. I know it isn’t always easy and success doesn’t come quickly, but that feeling when it does come is sooo worth it.

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