Emotional Wellness: I Found Some Inspiration!

Last night when I was watching The Voice, there was a commercial for NBC’s morning show about a new segment they are doing (I think? I’m not sure…I don’t watch the morning shows unless I’m sick…) honoring those who inspire. And there it be, my inspiration for a post-who inspires me! As I plotted out this post last night, I noticed a trend in the people that inspire me. As with most things in my life, I find one thing or a few things that I really like and latch on to that. Which is good and bad, but that is neither here nor there. And another part of my post that I wanted to do was actually recognize the people that inspire me instead of the vague, “oh I’m inspired by people who are passionate”…these are 6 people that have inspired me. And it is not a comprehensive list.

My sister. I wrote an entire post on my sister. She is the first person I have ever looked up to and been inspired by. And she will always inspire me and motivate me. She is the one that got me into running. She is the one that always set the bar for excellence. She’s a rockstar.

Meghan. Meghan was my roommate my second year of grad school and also my supervisor for my wellness GA. Meghan somehow saw something in me over a phone interview and hired me as her GA which ended up being one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. I all of sudden was introduced to the entire field that I never even thought about which ended up fueling me to want to pursue a career in wellness. Meghan also helped me, inadvertently, to pursue a healthy lifestyle. A complete healthy lifestyle. She along with Beth, my other roommate, helped me so much in my growth as an individual and in my recovery. Even though we are in separate states, her dedication to wellness and health constantly inspires me to pursue wellness.

Court and Lisa. Yes, these are two different people and yes they have both inspired me in different ways. But they come as a package deal. Court inspires me much like Meghan does by encouraging me to chase my dreams and pursue them relentlessly. Lisa inspires me to conquer the world against all odds.

Eric. Eric inspires me to love and laugh and to never take life too seriously.

Marn and Heather. Again, another package deal here. This set of ladies have inspired me to stay grounded and to value those that have been there by your side for years and years. Er. Decades. We are getting old! 

My Mom. This lady picked up her entire life and moved from Germany and the States, at 19. For her husband and daughter. I can’t imagine doing something like that. Every person she knew and loved sans her new family was not just a drive away, but there was an actual ocean separating them. As I get more and more invested in moving to Canada, I keep my mom’s strength in the back of my mind. It never ceases to amaze me what she did for her family.

Who inspires you?

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