What Now?

I ermmed and mhmmmmed for a long time this morning, trying to figure out what to write about. My writer’s block is taking over this blog right now and I’m conflicted. I don’t want to write just to write but I also don’t want to not write just because I feel like I can’t write. How many times in grad school did I feel like I couldn’t write or I didn’t want to write but I needed to suck it up and write? I remember writing my last major research paper and how stuck I felt after like 13 pages (and somehow made the paper up to 21 pages plus got the only A on that paper in the entire class…ah yea). 

So I’m coming up with this compromise. I’m going to take a step back this week and work on research and getting topics to write on. I don’t want the quality of my blog posts to suffer and sometimes just taking a step back is really helpful. I know that I should have some posts in my arsenal for times like this so I can keep up with my promised content…I know.

I’ll still try to post little things or updates for the rest of the week.

I have been researching moving to Canada, researching it quite a bit. For those of you that have been to Canada or live in Canada, do you have any life tips? Career tips? Words of wisdom?  

2 thoughts on “What Now?

    • Hm. That’s always the big question that I get…I’m not 100% set on any place yet, but for right now I’m looking more along the southern parts of the provinces. But if I am being honest, I’m open to most places. I have always had the mentality of going where the opportunities are. I moved from Iowa to Kentucky for grad school and then to Kansas for my job. I love the aspect of moving some where new and learning a new city and everything that comes with it!

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