I Knew This Would Happen.

I knew that when I started blogging there would come a point in the process where I would hit walls. I have hit small walls before this and been able to kind of come up with posts and get back into the swing of things. Lately though, I just feel overwhelmed. I put a lot of pressure on myself to post daily (which sans a few times, I have done) and to always be on the forefront of wellness news. Well, that has been a little difficult and poor use of my weekend is mostly to blame. Instead of taking a couple of hours this past weekend to go to a coffee shop (no internet at my place) to research, I decided to work on a puzzle and go to Target to attempt to find work pants that fit. So here I am, Monday morning with nothing to write about and only myself to blame. 

So instead, I think I will share a few things with you that are currently at the forefront of my life. 

  • I’m really interested in moving and working in Canada and have been working on trying to research where I would want to live and what company I might be interested in working for. Honestly, I would really like to get back to consulting so that’s where I’m headed. 
  • I am currently in the midst of a 30 day “Beastvember” challenge and I’m killing it. I have worked out everyday and eliminated sweets from my intake and I’m enjoying how it feels. Note that not everyday is a “Beast” day in the gym, but I have been active every single day. 
  • I’m excited for Christmas and for the first time possibly ever in my life, I am getting Christmas gifts early! And being strategic with when I am buying them to space out the expenses. I am really working on trying to be more conscientious about my moneys. That’s right, moneys. 
  • I have been living sans microwave for about 2 months now and I actually do not miss it! Although I might need to invest in more pots and pans…because I have one skillet/pan thing. 

Not a wellness post per say, but updates on my life (that you would get anyway with my monthly check-in…). I don’t know, like I said last week, I’m really having a writer’s block and I’m just not sure what to blog and where to go right now. But I’m not wanting to stop blogging. 


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