Occupational Wellness: Realistic Goals vs. Dream Goals

Yesterday I had an amazing opportunity to hear John Hill from LinkedIn speak. He gave tons a great advice and tips for using LinkedIn to it’s full potential. But he also gave a few just general career tips, one of which was to dream big. This got me to thinking, is it better to dream big or to dream realistically? Or is there a happy medium in there? To dream realistically and big? Because if we are being honest, there is no way that everyone can be a CEO of a company (aside from the fact that not everyone wants this, but it is just an example) making millions (billions?) and living in a penthouse suite in NYC. But is there a way to realistically set some dream goals? I suppose you could look at your strengths and interests and figure out what you might be happy doing and set some realistic goals that way? Or you could see who you occupationally admire/look up to and set up an informational interview to hear how they got to where they are? The thing is that I can’t give advice on this topic. Because everyone has different goals and aspires to be something different. I agree with John Hill, dream big, absolutely. But do so realistically. What is your ultimate dream job/career?

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