Mental Wellness: Let Me Be?

As an introvert, alone time isn’t just a luxury or something nice, it is a necessity in my life. Being around people all the time, regardless of who they are, drains me and I need time where I can just be and just be by myself. This morning as I was erming around trying to think of a wellness topic to blog on. I started looking around on my two trusty wellness news websites (Washington Post and HuffPo) and came across a list (my favorite) of the benefits of alone time. There are really only 6 ish benefits that they list and really the first couple are actually benefits and the other are meh.

I will always think alone time is important. I think it is really important to be able to be happy with just you and not having to rely on others for your happiness or contentment. I often look back on my first year of grad school when I moved to a completely new state and didn’t know a single person and realize how much a grew during that time. Once I was able to be ok and comfortable by myself, I was able to be myself around others instead of trying to play up some facade of who I thought people wanted me to be. For me, alone time allows me to get back to my baseline and recharge my batteries. For others it just allows them some quiet time. And still for others it is a nightmare.

Because every single person is different and needs different things, it is really important for you to figure out what you need to recharge your battery. Alone time will always be a priority for me. I will always need alone time and I recognize that about myself. It’s not about me pulling away from people but rather me just needing time to be by myself. The first couple of things that are on that list (something about rejuvenating and refreshing aka recharging) get accomplished for me by having alone time.

How do you reset?

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