Overall Wellness: Check-In

Well folks, it’s time for a quick check in on my goals

September Goals Recap

  • Hey Vanessa, BUDGET! BUDGET! AND BUDGET SOME MORE! Get your spreadsheets out and get going!
  • Stick to the fitness schedule and write up a workout to do on the days when I am working out solo and then actually stick to it-regardless of how many guys are in the weight room.
  • Swim a mile.
  • Stay focused on my volunteer work and research with the leadership project.

I did better with my budgeting and I have implemented some of my “old fashioned” ways that have helped me too aka I finally went back to have a planner that you use a pen and write stuff down in instead of using just my google calendar/outlook calendar. I struggled a bit with workouts towards the end of the month. I did swim a mile and then promptly got sick a few days later and have really struggled with finding that physical strength and endurance that I had pre-illness. And I have made some good progress withe my leadership project.

I’m going to do just 4 simple goals again for November, because I really enjoyed just concentrating a few things.

  • Get Christmas shopping done this month. I’m notorious for the day before Christmas doing my shopping, partly b/c it really stresses me out and partly b/c I’m horrible at keeping secrets. But by waiting that late, I also get really stressed out because I haven’t gotten everyone’s Christmas gifts. So, I’m going to work on getting everything done with month.
  • Fitness challenge. Ah yes, as we start getting into the cooler months, my desire to just curl up and do nothing is increased. So a nice little 30 day fitness challenge is just what I could use. This won’t be like my 50 days of running challenge but rather will be 30 days of “beasting” of killing my workouts.
  • Budget. Go ahead and prepare for this one to probably always be in the mix b/c it is something that I continue to need to work on. But this is going to be especially important now because I am not getting health insurance (I was under my mom and step dad’s b/c I am 25 or under but I will be turning 26 so now I have to get my own) and retirement taken out of my paychecks.
  • Don’t stress. The holiday season inevitably always brings an insane amount of stress on me. And I know this. So I need to just prepare myself for what the season brings and deal with it.

How are you doing on your goals? How are you doing overall? How do you prepare for the holiday season?

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