? Wellness: Who Inspires You? Who Influences You?

I don’t really know what category of wellness this goes in to…but I wanted to bring up this topic of who inspires/influences you. Mainly because yesterday when I was scrolling through the DailyMail, there was an article in the sidebar about how Kayne thinks Kim K. is more influential to our society than Michelle Obama. And then I told das boy about it and he said that as much as he hates it, he could see that actually being true. And it just sat with me wrong. Look at all that Michelle Obama has done…look how empowered she is and what an amazing example of a strong woman she is setting. I’ve seen this gif set all over tumblr about her asking had she not married Barack what does she think her husband would be doing. And she responded that he would be President of the US. She is just SUCH an empowered woman. And then you have Kim K who does reality TV and in the only episode I have ever seen of that show she got an x-ray of her butt to prove she didn’t have butt implants. 


Please someone tell me that they have someone that influences/inspires them that doesn’t take x-rays of their butt (for non medical reasons-I mean if you have a broken tail bone, go get that x-ray of your bootay!) 

Also, Happy Halloween! What are you dressed as? I’m Super Health Educator! Our office is doing a Super Hero theme this year! 


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