Physical Wellness: To Music or Not to Music?

Last week, I wrote up my personal running tips but I wanted to expand on one of those, music. When I started running, I had to run with music because I hated the sound of me “clomping” and hearing my breathing. I know, I know. sighs… And actually, up until about 4 months ago, I would always run with music. If I did have music, no run. But a series of what turned out to be very fortunate events happened and I started not just running sans music but working out sans music. I cancelled my Zune pass (yes, I am one of those people that have a Zune), so I lost a ton of music and then my phone broke so I lost having Pandora and I finally was just like, “meh, screw it. Let’s see what not working out with music does.

It was hard. At first. I was so used to having music pump me up and keep me motivated during workouts that the first couple of weeks were just painful. I remember running my half marathon in Kentucky and when I hit this point were I was just beat up and exhausted all of a sudden some Eminem song came up on my playlist that was something about taking on the hills or something (I don’t really know…when I listen to rap it’s for the beat I have no idea what the lyrics are) and it just boom, motivated me. But now, now working out sans music, I needed to motivate myself and pump myself up for my workout. But once I finally found the groove of being able to push myself plus value hearing my breathing and my “clomping”, then I saw the perks of working out sans music. I was able to evaluate myself better and make changes more quickly. I was also able to see that I can motivate myself. I don’t need something else to get me motivated to work hard.

It’s also a hell of a lot safer. I also walk to work 3-4 days a week and I walk to work sans music as well. When you are outside, it is so important to be aware of your surroundings and being outside without music distracting me from those distractions is awesome. I also got to do this little thing called “enjoying nature” … if you haven’t done it, I highly, HIGHLY recommend it.

Do you workout with or without music? What are your thoughts on it?

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