Occupational Wellness: You Wore WHAT?

There is this “new” thing for people my age/my generation called “adulting” and it’s all about making decisions that are considered adult decisions-putting money into a retirement account, cleaning your apartment instead of playing video games…yes my generation apparently needs this. I found out about this concept about … a year ago or so and ever since I have tried my hand in making more “adulting” decisions-buying a new set of dishes on clearance, going to garage sales to find things I need (yes need) for my apartment, not spending money on frivolous expenses…really for me adulting has been more about hey stop just spending money because you have money and start realizing that you are an adult now and need to be more conscious with those decisions. Another part of “adulting” is knowing when to make an investment. Like buying a really nice good suit could be considered an investment. Or buying a car that doesn’t break down every week.

So what does “adulting” have to do with your wardrobe? Well, when you are job hunting, everyone tells you to make sure you invest in a nice suit and it’s all about the suit. But what happens after you get the job? Do you just BUY a new wardrobe (especially if you have been a college kid living in jeans and a hoodie or other variations of that uniform) once you get a job? I was pretty lucky when I got my job that I had to dress up for my GA so I had some dress clothes at my disposal but when I got my GA and found out I had to wear business casual I was like….well then…that complicates things. Because I never thought BEYOND the interview process of what to wear.

This is really more of a cautionary tale to new grads out there or job seekers. But I think it is really important to make sure you have a strong adult (like a grown up, not a porn star) wardrobe with pieces in it that you can wear to work. And an iron and an ironing board. That you actually use (I struggle with the using an iron piece…I hate ironing). So what are some thing that could be in that wardrobe? Well it all depends on what you feel comfortable in, what your office dress code is, and what is in your budget. But I will say start looking at sales now and seeing what you can find so you can slowly build up your wardrobe and not have that “oh crap” moment after you get the job and realize you have nothing to wear but your favorite jeans and hoodie. Some stores that I have found that have great sales on professional clothes are Kohls and JCPenny. I like to go to stores like TJMaxx and Ross but find that I need to really exercise caution when buying clothes from them because they tend to change quickly-like after a few washes you all of a sudden have a completely different top than you originally bought.

What are some of your key pieces of your wardrobe that you wear to work? Any tips for scoping out good deals on work clothes? Share them in the comments!

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