Physical Wellness: A Rant about Facebook Ads.

Since I usually am talking about working out or looking up workouts or whatnot, Facebook constantly has all these ads on my news feed about the new great way to lose weight and the new best workout and whatever else pile of crap they are trying to get me to click on or buy. And I have to say, it just enrages me that these are around. I know I can’t do anything to change societal views on how you “should” (cringe) be working out or dieting or following this new trend. But it just INFURIATES me that we say we value a healthy looking body but healthy ways of attaining that lifestyle. Just whatever new craze or trend we can hop on to and get a quick fix. “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days” how is that EVERY healthy? Ok, maybe in some cases, but the disconnect between appearing healthy and having healthy ways of attaining that lifestyle just boggles my mind.

Why are we so reluctant to explore the journey and just want to get to the end as soon as possible?

Side note, I also despise that Facebook tries to sell me engagement rings and I have no idea why besides that they see I’m in a relationship…get a hold of your marketing Facebook! And quit shoulding all over people’s lives! Read my post from back in June all about my thoughts on shoulding! 

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