Intellectual Wellness: What IS Wellness?

For as much as I talk, blog, and live wellness, I always seem to feel a little stumped when someone asks me to define wellness for them. Not necessarily because I don’t know or understand what wellness is but mostly because it can be defined in so many different ways. A simple google search of “what is wellness” turns up not thousands, not hundreds of thousands but about 412 million results. Sure not all of those are going to be relevant and some are probably the same (I think those are both really safe to assume, yes? yes.) but those are a lot of results.

The basic “dictionary” definition of wellness is “a state of being in good physical and mental health” so right off the bat, the most basic of definitions, we know that wellness is more than just working out. It involves your mental state as well. When I try to explain wellness I always make sure that I distinguish that it is more than just the surface stuff of working out and eating healthy. It is all these other aspects. And really that’s were it gets confusing. There are so many different models of wellness that it seems hard to know which is “right”. How many dimensions of wellness are there? Is it a pyramid model? A circle model? How are they all linked together?

Well, I can tell you that I think as long as you recognize that there are different aspects of wellness beyond physical wellness, you are opening your mind up to how complex wellness is. Whether you abide by dimensions of wellness or they pyramid, you can at least agree that there are different factors that contribute to overall wellness. And really, that is one of the most important concepts (in my opinion) to know when questioning what wellness is.

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