Social Wellness: Enjoying Some Time Away.

I spent some time back in my home state this past weekend (and subsequently ended up catching a 24 hour bug/flu). But before that I got to spend some quality time with my family and das boy as well. I ended up taking das boy up to my home state and showed him where I grew up and where I went to under grad. I got to introduce him to a few people and whatnot.

But then when we got back to our respective homes, I ended up getting really sick. So that kind of tainted my otherwise lovely weekend and mini vacation with das boy. I’m recovering and feeling better, but I’m still iffy. I haven’t had anything in me really for the past 24 hours or at least anything that I can keep down. I ended up drinking a powerade last night and was able to keep that down and so now I need to work on re-hydrating myself and getting some actual food in me.


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