Physical Wellness: What Am I?

I have been struggling the past couple of weeks with my lack of running. I use to run almost daily, in fact I did a 50 days of running challenge where I ran every single day for 50 days. But between moving to a new neighborhood and not having any routes, my shoulder injury flaring up more than usual, and my rediscovered love of swimming…I haven’t felt much like a runner these days. That may not seem like a big deal, but if you have looked at my about me page or any page where I have to describe who I am, it says “runner”. I posted this question on my personal blog and got some really good feedback from other runners. My love for running will never go away. The feeling I get after accomplishing a major running goal is different than anything I have ever experienced. My miles may have drastically decreased, but my love for running is still there.

It’s an important lesson in life…the things you love and the things that make you feel alive (not literally alive…) never really leave you. You might find other things, but something will always bring you back to that first love. I haven’t danced in years but I can guarantee you that I still throw some pirouette turns in my new apartment (which has hardwood floors…which means it’s basically impossible for me to not throw a turn every…day.). I haven’t tumbled for even longer, but if you saw my picture from Kentucky, you know that I still will bust out a handstand every now and then. And even at the park I workout in, there is a beam and I bust out a cartwheel and I still love to tumble. I don’t do it everyday (my body would BREAK … even more), but I still go back to that love. And I don’t see me stopping running anytime soon.


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