Intellectual Wellness: You’re Gonna Want to Hang This Up Somewhere.

Or at least save it. It’s not often that I find (or in this case someone sends) me an article that excites me to the point of me sharing the article with everyone I know…and then re-typing it up (for formatting mainly) to print out and have with me. THIS article, oh this article. Practically every single point made in this article I agree with. Really the only one is the getting on the phone to talk to someone or when you run into trouble just call someone. Basically the whole premise of using a phone terrifies me and I would rather not have to call anyone ever…but I can see where it can be useful to instead of just emailing back and forth to just pick up the phone and actually talk to someone.

But all of the other things that Jason Nazar writes about are just so spot on. I made sure that I kept “Take responsibility for your mistakes” in mind last night when the lady who I’m helping with her leadership program did a quick check in with me to see where I was at with progress. And she let me know she appreciated that I was taking responsibility for not making this project more of a priority. I by no means want to shrug this project off, I just need to be better at my time management and ensure that I make this project a priority. I also love how (possibly indirectly) this article ties into my FAVORITE organizational development concepts brought to you by Benjamin Schneider (who I one time met at a conference-and by met I mean I sat in the room of his discussion and completely fan girl-ed because he is just one of the most influential groundbreaking OD researchers ever…that was the best day). Dr. Schneider came out a loooooong time ago with his People Make the Place research and it is still holding strong. This article reminds you that you will be working with people more than you will probably be enjoying perk packages. So when it comes to deciding on where you want to work, keep in mind the people that you will be working with on a day to day basis rather than just the perks that come with the job.

Basically what I’m saying is stop reading my writing and GO read this article. And then let me know if it was as life changing for you as it was for me. (Furiously scribbles in free-reading time into night time to-do list).

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