Physical Wellness: Does Brittney Have It Right?

Ms. Spears and I rarely agree on anything in life, but we do with this…if you want something, you better work…work. Or the other version. Regardless, you better work for it, especially when it comes to physical goals. Ms. Spears even says it herself in her song…if you want a bikini body, you better work. Of course you could always fork out thousands of dollars and make a doctor work on your body to get the results that you want, or you could try and do what my generation loves to do-find the easy way/shortcut in a pill. Or you could get up and work.

How many times a day do we see advertisements for the quick, fast, easy way to reach those diet/fitness/weightloss/muscle gain/etc goals that we have? Why do we NEED it to be a quick easy fix? Why can’t we just look at what our goals are and realize we are going to have to work really hard to accomplish these  goals? Have we become a society that demands the easy way out on everything?

I rarely see eye to eye with B.Spears, but in this case, if you want something, you better be prepared to work for it.

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