Occupational Wellness: We Work Out?

Best way to start off your Friday? I thought so.

Anyway, the point of this post isn’t to make you vomit in your mouth a little bit, it is to shed some light on some pretty awesome companies that are making their employees health a priority. And more than just a flu shot, their physical health. The HuffPo published an article earlier this month detailing a company that is full of engineers and computer programmers getting their employees in the gym. NextJump created a fitness competition with a cash prize at the end of every week which is just one way that many companies are creating an incentive to getting their employees healthy. Why is that? Well, they have probably discovered the secret-happy, healthy employees bring higher productivity to the office. But they also have realized that as humans, we tend to struggle with seeing the long-term benefits of being healthy and sort of need a short term goal to work towards.

Does the company you work for offer any wellness program? Is there a lot of “buy-in” from employees to participate in these programs? I’m actually a Wellness Champion with the State of Kansas and we are actually in the process of trying to brainstorm ideas of how to get higher participation with our group.

Side note:  this article references a guy who studies workplace wellness programs for a living. Some people just have the coolest jobs.

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