Wellness Check-In: Revisiting September Goals and Setting October Goals

  • Budget. Budget. Budget. Seriously. Budget my little budget off. …still need to work on this and keep it a priority to work on. 
  • Swimming. I really need to be working on my swimming and with the pool that I use being open for more hours and more days, I think it will help just being in the pool more and working on stuff. So I’m going to carry over my August goal of getting comfortable swimming 100s and utilizing flip turns. I am going to do a more detailed post on swimming tomorrow, but I am working on this as well. 
  • Stick to my workout schedule. I respond so well to schedules and having a good workout schedule is helping me out great! But I want to see myself making more gains-lifting, running, and swimming. 
  • Blogging. I feel like August was so hectic that my blog really started to slack so I want to make sure that I keep up the integrity of my blog. Especially since I am going to be in Kentucky for a week, I want to make sure that I have posts ready to go on at least travel days-I learned my lesson the hard way when I was travelling to Colorado. I feel like I did a much better job of this. I planned well for when I was traveling and made sure I had content ready to go. Even though it is time consuming, I want to keep up the integrity of my blog, especially as I am trying to get my blog name out there more and more. There have been a few posts when I was like…really Vanessa? 
  • Emotional/Mental wellness. I need to take more time to make sure this is in check. I struggled with this a lot during August. I let stress (both personal stress and work stress) take over my mental wellbeing. We hear this all the time, there cannot be happiness without sadness…it is completely true, for me. After my rough couple of weeks, I was having just a normal day, but nothing bad happened. I was with das boy and I just turned to him and said, “today is a great day.” 

September Goals/don’t judge me if I carry some of August’s goals over

  • Hey Vanessa, BUDGET! BUDGET! AND BUDGET SOME MORE! Get your spreadsheets out and get going!
  • Stick to the fitness schedule and write up a workout to do on the days when I am working out solo and then actually stick to it-regardless of how many guys are in the weight room.
  • Swim a mile.
  • Stay focused on my volunteer work and research with the leadership project.

I’m going to keep October nice, sweet, and simple. Just 4 goals-realistic yet challenging.

What are some of the things you want to accomplish in October?

Also, TODAY is the last day to enter my giveaway! So far my sister is the only one that has entered! So in the comments below, be sure to let me know what wellness means to YOU! I will pick a winner tomorrow and set up sending the Wellbeing book with a unique code so YOU can take the the finder and determine where you are at the wellbeing scales!

One thought on “Wellness Check-In: Revisiting September Goals and Setting October Goals

  1. I too have been working on my budget far too long. Who knew creating a budget that I can stick to would be such hard work. And I have created somewhat of a fitness schedule and it does seem to be working. I wish you well on your goals and hope I can stick to mine.

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