Occupational Wellness: What is Motivation and How Do You Get It?

Determine what motivates you/drives you-passion/money/status/”that” feeling/sense of accomplishment, helping others, etc. Sure, everyone says find a job that you actually are happy going to work every day and it doesn’t feel like work. But how do you keep yourself motivated until you get there? Do you just hold onto the dream that working in a job that isn’t your “cup of tea” will someday get you to that end goal job/career? Or are there things that you can do in your current job that can motivate you and make you enjoy going to work now?

As a “recent” (I say recent as I attained my masters in May 2012) grad, I’m still looking for that job, that dream career I guess you could say makes me excited to go into work every day and I where I love the work that I do. I can’t tell you how many people would tell to hold out until that dream job came up. Actually, that’s a lie, I can tell you exactly how many people told me that. Z.E.R.O. Is that because the dream career is a thing of the past? Or is it something that we should educate students on more. You aren’t necessarily going to graduate college and BAM dream job, dream career, dream life. It might take a little bit more than that. You might have to gasp take a career that pays the bills as opposed to it feeding your soul (in full disclosure, that job may take some of your soul away with it at the same time, just be prepared for it).

So as we are in the work grind just trying to make it to the end goal and the dream career, what can we do right now, today that can make your job more “bearable” and help keep you motivated? There are no easy answers to be found in this post. As you will have probably figured out, this is not the blog you go to for answers. This is the blog you go to for questions, as in I ask a lot of them. But I think that it helps get you thinking about what is going to work for you. So here are my questions to you-thinking about your dream career-that career that instantly puts a smile on your face and gets you excited-what are some of the aspects of that career that you can implement into your current job now that can help keep you motivated? What are some of the little things that you can be doing now to keep on that track?

I’ll give some examples for me. I love to have a very regimented work day but my work tends to be fairly sporadic. So I make a to-do list to try and help myself keep more of a schedule and also on task. I also happen to be a stats nerd and so when I get to work on survey development and analysis of surveys, it’s always a good day. I find things that I love and incorporate them into my job. I also try and work on improving my transferable skills so that as I progress in my career, nothing I have done is considered a “waste of time”. You have to find out what is meaningful to you and how to make your job work for you.

What are some of your tips for keeping motivated?

2 thoughts on “Occupational Wellness: What is Motivation and How Do You Get It?

  1. Great post! As an soon-to-be college grad, I’m getting into the job search and thinking about this stuff a lot. I am lucky to have wrangled an internship where I am doing work that I enjoy (a lot of survey and data stuff, actually, if you ever want to talk about it!) but I’m finding I lack the… I guess you could call it “competitive spirit”… to set and pursue long term career goals. I have no idea what my dream career is.

    After reading this post, I’m going to take some time to jot down some notes about my goals and skills I want to develop. Maybe to be worked into a to-do list. I think it’ll help, certainly can’t hurt!

    • Thanks Nat! Sometimes it isn’t about knowing exactly what career you want but perhaps what skills you want to develop-being more organized, knowing more about a certain field, etc.

      I’m glad you found this post helpful! It has to be one of my favorite topics!

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