Physical Wellness: What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

This might be more of a mental wellness post, but it’s my blog and it came to me while I was swimming, so ergo…physical wellness. And insert the David the Scientist reference from Friends. No? No one else remembers this episode…just me…ok Vanessa, just move past it. Not everyone owns the box set of Friends and just watches it on repeat.

Anyway, last night I was waiting for the pool to open up and I was thinking through what I wanted my swim workout to be. I knew that I wanted it to be something quick because I needed to get home, shower, eat, and go watch das boy play softball but I still wanted it to be something challenging. Something that I have been thinking about every time I’m in the pool and especially as I approach the wall is incorporating flip turns into my workout. I will sometimes do one or I will work flip turns but I haven’t really worked it into my workout consistently. And that is mainly because I am terrified of messing up or not being able to complete the lap or just generally making a fool or myself. But last night I had this thought as I was approaching the line that I always make sure I take a breath at when doing flip turns. I just thought, “Well Vanessa, what’s the worst that is going to happen? You are going to make a fool of yourself? You already do that everyday on a fairly regular basis. Why not just try?” Obviously with swimming, the other thing that could happen is you know, you drown. But positive thinking people! Come on! (No but really, had this been my first week or even month swimming, that should have been a real concern. I knew that I would be safe and ok and I could make it, I just needed the push to do it.)

So, I got to the line and took my extra breath, got to the wall, did my flip turn and swam to the other end. I wish someone would have been around to capture my face! Because I’m sure I was beaming! About a month ago when I was really working on flip turns, I was in a different pool which is much smaller than the pool I am usually in and since I have moved back to my usual pool, I haven’t done a lap with flip turns. But the added bonus from last night was that after that lap, I kept doing the flip turns. While I was swimming, I let my mind wander a little bit (never too much when I’m swimming-the whole drowning thing) about what else am I holding myself back in my life? What else am I afraid to do because I’m worried I’ll look like a fool?

Did I just adopt a new life motto? It’s possible! I might start thinking more about, “Well, what’s the worst that is going to happen?” when trying something new or something that might make me look foolish. It’s worth a shot.

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