Occupational Wellness: Why Volunteer?

I always had this mentality about volunteering, especially during my undergrad. I never was able to really grasp the concept of working for free when I had a job that paid and I could work and make money. The idea of an unpaid internship was foreign to me. But, as I age and learn more about life, I’m starting to see how beneficial it is to donate your time and resources to help out. I’m excited to announce that I am participating in a leadership program but beyond that, I have also been asked to help with this program! When I spoke with the founder of this program on the phone she framed it in this way, “I have the life experiences, you have the education.” So I’m going to be going through this leadership program as a participant and then again as a researcher to help make modifications as well as adding to the program! I’m incredibly excited for this opportunity!

I’m of the school of thought that altruism does not exist. I do not believe that people do a good thing and expect nothing in return. Now, that can mean that what you expect in return is a simple thank you or that feeling you get from doing something good. But I do not believe that people just do something to do something. I believe that we do things with purpose. So by me going through this program as a researcher, I’m also gaining some experience and networking as well. But regardless, I’m very excited about this opportunity!

I’m not an expert at volunteering buy if you are interested in volunteering, my advice is this:  volunteer somewhere that has similar values to you. Volunteer somewhere that is going to have a good fit. Make sure that what you do, you do with passion, especially if you are volunteering. For some people, the only motivating factor in working is that they get paid. With volunteering, that motivating factor is gone, so make sure that you are at an organization that you are going to love what you are doing.

I’ll be travelling again this week! I’m heading out to Kentucky for a wedding!

Give some loving in the comments to my mom! It’s an unknown anniversary of her 29th birthday today!



Have a great week! I’ll try to make sure I’m a beast this week with my blog posts and get stuff queued up so that when I’m travelling there is still CONTENT and MATERIALS and general loveliness on here 🙂

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