Intellectual Wellness: Do You Know?

I’m a bit conflicted. Part of me loves to know what is going on in the world-reading the news, listening to podcasts, watching the news, etc. I like to be well educated in what crack-a-lackin’ in the world, the US, and the various states and towns I have graced my presence with over the past 25 years. But then part of me just gets sad knowing all the news because so much of the news is negative. I know my mom and some other people take the, “I don’t pay attention to the news because it is too depressing” route. But then I hate not knowing what is going on in the world.

The past couple of weeks I have traded out listening to my favorite Pandora station (which happens to be “The Cold War Kids”) and taken to listening to the BBC’s 24 hour news “podcast”/live streaming news radio station. I choose the BBC because it reports on world news, not just local news, and I feel like they are less…biased. Which is my other issue with being “in the know” of news. I cannot stand that news stations have a political stance. I feel like the news should always be unbiased. Just tell me exactly what happened without trying to distort my view. I would much rather be given the news and the facts and then let myself make a decision. Perhaps that is a different rant for a different day.

What are your thoughts? Do you like to keep up with the news? Any favorite news sources that you feel give really factual news? Like I said, I listen to the BBC, I also like to read theSkimm which is a pretty brief-to-the-point-this-is-what-is-happening-and-they-also-have-a-really-nice-writing-style type of deal.  theSkimm sends you an email every morning (I get mine around 5:30 am CST) M-F. Both are my favorite sources of fairly factual news. If you lean more on the “progressive” side and are anti-guns, inothernews is a actually a fairly good blog that does a similar thing as theSkimm and gives a kind of “quick hits” of the news. But be warned, inothernews is definitely anti-gun and pro-gun control so if you have differing views on that, you may be less likely to like his blog. But I like him because he has opinions (similar to mine) and isn’t afraid to state them AND back them up. But he also gives good insight to other news stories.

As a disclaimer, none of these services have asked me to promote them (let’s be real, I’m a new blogger, no one is asking me to promote anything), these are just news sources that I have found that I like.

Please feel free to share ones that you like! I love to know!

3 thoughts on “Intellectual Wellness: Do You Know?

  1. I’m always in between wanting to be in the know and being like your mom, thinking the news is too depressing. So every morning I get up and watch the news, I even read it on my phone throughout the day, but when it gets too depressing I turn the channel or find another article to read. I believe that most news reports are biased as well, it would be nice to have unbiased opinions and just facts. The way I combat that is to watch two different news channels such as Fox and CNN and also research online if I’m that interested. But either way, if I am too interested, I just try to form my own opinion which usually gets me upset because although the news may cover the story no one actually ever finds out the truth.

    • I used to love CNN but found that their reporting got too…idk…I guess I find that a lot of the American news stations put too much opinion in their news casts.

      I do a similar thing. I will be listening to BBC all day at work but when I get to the point where I’m just done hearing about all the death and destruction, I’ll turn back to my pandora station for a bit.

      Thanks for your thoughts and feedback! Love it!

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