Wellness Check-In: Revisting August Goals and Setting September Goals

August Goals

  • Take my contact out every night—did this and ended up irritating my eyes from using bad contact lens solution, but I bought new stuff and my eyes are recovering from using bad solution. It was really irritating (literally and figuratively) because I bought a two back of brand new contact lens solution that ended up being just horrible for my eye balls.
  • Swim a mile, get comfortable swimming 100s, get comfortable utilizing flip turns –remember when I said you should set realistic goals? This is the perfect example of not setting a realistic goal. How I expected to do this swimming goal when my access to the pool I use was going to be cut off in the month of August (because when you use a free gym, you are on the free gyms schedule and they take off time during the year). So I did not accomplish this at all. But I will transfer this goal to September because I will be swimming twice a week in September.
  • Run with the running club/group every Thursday night—did this except for this past week which was just the Thursday before I moved and I wanted to get last minute stuff ready/prepared for my move.
  • Start prepping for a half marathon in October –I have not done this and likely will not do this. I really want to run this half-marathon, but I need to be more conscious of my finances. There will be a blog post on this later this week.
  • Unplug from the world a little bit more –I did better at this as well, but I would like to see more improvements in this. It’s hard to unplug completely from the world when I rely on social media so much for my wellness blog. But I need to find a happier medium.

September Goals

  • Budget. Budget. Budget. Seriously. Budget my little budget off. With moving to my new apartment which is an increase in rent and utilities plus my car giving me more problems (yes, yes for the 3rd time in 2 months I am having car problems-I think I have seen every warning light that my car has this summer), I just need to be more conscious of my spending and making sure that I am creating a budget and sticking to it. The “sticking to it” part is the hardest part for me. I have created budgets half a dozen times, but I struggle with sticking with the budget.
  • Swimming. I really need to be working on my swimming and with the pool that I use being open for more hours and more days, I think it will help just being in the pool more and working on stuff. So I’m going to carry over my August goal of getting comfortable swimming 100s and utilizing flip turns.
  • Stick to my workout schedule. I made a workout schedule with the boy last night. It looks a little bit like this:
    • Sunday:  Lifting w/ the boy
    • Monday:  Swimming
    • Tuesday:  Fun park workout
    • Wednesday:  My night time lifting/running workout
    • Thursday:  Run club
    • Friday:  Rest
    • Saturday:  Morning bike ride w/ the boy, afternoon swimming
    • Blogging. I feel like August was so hectic that my blog really started to slack so I want to make sure that I keep up the integrity of my blog. Especially since I am going to be in Kentucky for a week, I want to make sure that I have posts ready to go on at least travel days-I learned my lesson the hard way when I was travelling to Colorado.
    • Emotional/Mental wellness. I need to take more time to make sure this is in check. I struggled with this a lot during August. I let stress (both personal stress and work stress) take over my mental wellbeing.

What are your goals for September? How did you do meeting your goals in August?

5 thoughts on “Wellness Check-In: Revisting August Goals and Setting September Goals

  1. Your September list looks great! I love your honesty about last month’s goals. I’ve been there. Still go there. 🙂 I’m training for a half marathon too – um…in January. 😛

    Your updates rock.


    • I definitely think that it is valuable to see that even though I blog about wellness and wellness is my passion, I still struggle with it. It’s a journey. It’s really important to me that I remain open, salient, and honest with my blog. Not only do I feel like it makes me more relatable but I also feel like…it just gives a real depiction of life. It’s not always smooth sailing and happiness. There are ups and downs. And seeing how people cope and deal with the changes in life fascinates me.

      Good luck w/ your half training!! Is this going to be your first half?

      PS-I’m pretty sure 98% of my wardrobe is all black and white and shades of non-sexual grey. I’m LOVING hearing about your experience!

      • It is going to be my first half! I’ve only been running for about a year (I’m a late bloomer ;)). I did a 5K in Dec 2012, and after I did a 10K in April, I slacked off. When a friend of mine suggested we run a half in January I didn’t think I could do it – especially after a summer of pretty much no running. But I got back up on the beautiful beast by taking baby steps. I’m two weeks away from completing a Couch to 5K program and then I’ll start training for the half by gradually increasing my weekly mileage. I’m thrilled and terrified. 🙂

        I love grey! Seems like a very versatile wardrobe. I’m so honored that you love reading about my experience. It certainly is a trip!

        Love your blog (especially your honesty about the ups and downs of wellness) and I look forward to reading more.


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