Overall Wellness: I Steal Ideas from Tumblr…

Today as I was aimlessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw someone had shared a tumblr blog post from user maryschmidt – 25 things I want myself to know at 25. It obviously sparked my interest as I to am 25. And so I felt inspired to do what I do best…steal the idea and customize it to mine. So here it is, 25 things I want myself to know at 25.

  1. Disconnect with the world. Everyday. Put your phone down. Get away from the computer. Get away from technology.
  2. Remember to know what is going on in the world. Not just the online world, but the actual world. News podcasts will soon be your friend.
  3. Let go of it. Life is to short to obsess over it. You have already wasted too many years having your life revolve around it. Just let it go.
  4.  Don’t let go of your dreams. Road blocks and set backs will happen. But never let go of what makes you happy. Remember that quote, “chase it relentlessly”.
  5. When you start getting comfortable in your everyday life, it’s time to do something different and something that will get you out of your comfort zone. Comfort is great. But conquering a fear? Conquering something that is outside your comfort zone? Awesome.
  6.  Value your health and take care of yourself.
  7. When you have the opportunity, travel. Travel cheap, but travel.
  8. Value a frugal lifestyle. Trying to have a more “extravagant” lifestyle and constantly buying more things didn’t do you any good in undergrad. Quit trying to fill the holes of your life up with things.
  9. Learn to look for the brightside.
  10. Make time for those who make time for you. Trying to force a friendship gets exhausting.
  11. Take risks.
  12. Learn from your mistakes. I repeat, learn from your mistakes. Mistakes happen. But quit being an idiot and repeatedly making the same mistake over and over again. Learn from them.
  13. Stay true to who you are. When everyone around you is trying to make you conform to who they think you should be or how they think you should be living your life…stay true to who you are and what you want.
  14. Explore cooking. It’s time to not rely on the microwave for all of your meals.
  15. Learn how to invest in things that will last instead of buying poorly made things that you will get rid of quickly. From clothes to kitchen ware to furniture…save your money and make the investment.
  16. Give back. Whether it is giving back money, giving back time, or giving actual things, just remember to give back.
  17. Enjoy the flavors of beer. Your college years are over. And you learned what you wish you would have known about college and drinking in grad school (aka no, not everyone drinks heavily in college, it’s ok to say no and to not drink.) But now is the time to explore different flavors of beers and savor them. Instead of pounding them.
  18. Let someone in and let them love you.
  19. Learn when to let go.
  20. Laugh. Every. Single. Damn. Day. Whether someone makes you laugh, you make yourself laugh by telling another bad joke, or you watch something that makes you laugh. Laugh.
  21. Stop. Comparing. Yourself. To. Everyone. Just stop it.
  22. Take pride in your German heritage.
  23. Ain’t no shame in having a clean, organized apartment/office/car/life. Take the time to make sure it happens. Because chaos stresses you out.
  24. It’s ok to be nice. It’s ok to be sarcastic because that is you. Don’t be anything you aren’t. It will come off as fake. But it is ok to be nice to people and not always be sarcastic.
  25. Respect yourself. Love yourself. Remember that you are kind of awesome, and that’s ok to be

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