Intellectual Wellness: What’s in a Word?

I was scrolling through my health feed on HuffPo last night as it became more and more evident to me that sleep was miles and miles away…so I figured I might as well read some news and I stumbled across this article about one of my favorite words to hate, diet. Basically this article presents research that supports my documented hatred for the word “diet”.

Researchers show that when you concentrate on the “D” word, you start to fixate on which D is better and forget that when aiming for better health, lifestyle changes rather than just picking a D are more effective. They distinguished this as “what” to eat versus “how” to eat. Pagoto, a researcher from UMass Med School, encouraged a “three prong” approach to making lifestyle changes-dietary counseling, exercise counseling, and behavior modification (aka the most disappointing class in my undergrad career…how can someone make b.mods BORING?!?! No idea! But I digress). Pagoto’s approach gets to the root of a healthy lifestyle-portion control, goal setting, problem solving…all good stuff. Her thoughts of diets are spot on, “adherence is key, and the way to destroy adherence is forcing foods on someone they do not like, do not know how to prepare or can’t afford.” This sentiment is exactly why I am a huge proponent of making sure your nutrition matches your needs even if you are pulling from certain “diets”. I have said a number of times that I tend to follow more of a paleo nutritional outlook but one that fits me. I don’t om down meat at every meal. In fact, after a nutritional experiment/lent one year I have completely removed pork and red meat from my diet. It’s not about following a “diet” to a “t” as much as it is with adopting a lifestyle that is going to make it “easy” for you to  adhere to your nutritional intake. If you are doing a diet that requires you to buy certain foods/products that are ridiculously expensive, you might be causing yourself more harm than good.

So is it time for our society to drop the “D” word? Well, I think you know my thoughts on it. What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Intellectual Wellness: What’s in a Word?

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