Financial Wellness: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :(

Well, here I am, yet again, with a car story. Not even a story. Just a, “why do all of my vehicles perpetually hate me?” rant.

About 10 days ago when I was driving home from work, my ABS light turned on (cue the joke about how I have been saying that I really want abs this year…ahahahahaha). In a vain shred of hope, I decided to give it a week to see if it was still coming on and what it was doing. Don’t worry, I read the owner’s manual to make sure it was semi-ok/safe and talked to some people and got feedback that it would be ok to drive w/ my ABS light on for a little bit but if if stays on, get it checked.

So Monday night when I was driving home and that little light was still on, I made the phone call that I didn’t want to make and made an appointment. I rushed getting ready this morning to drop my car off at the car place and prepared myself to part with my car and money. And now I impatiently wait to hear the prognosis.

I keep going back and forth with options on my car. I currently have a SUV which I bought because I knew that it would be useful for moving (I bought this car 3 years ago and since then I have moved, four going on five times…). But recently I have been exploring other options, more eco friendly and economical options. But I’m not sure what I want to do. I really don’t want to lease/buy a new car and have car payments because that is just another bill and another expense. But I am tempted to lease because of the “perks”. I have also thought about trading in my vehicle and getting a different one but one that like a straight trade or something. That doesn’t make any sense does it? Le sigh. I have also thought about just selling my car and buying a bike. But realistically, that really wouldn’t work very well.

I don’t know. I just want to be done w/ dealing with my car and all the issues. Because in addition to all of the stuff that has happened this summer, I also need to get new back tires, I put a new battery in it this year…it is just so much money that I spend on it all the time. I have been saying for a long time now that in an ideal world, I would live close enough to work and other places that I would need to go that I could walk or bike (on my imaginary bike…yup still don’t have one) and just not have to rely on a car any more. I could get rid of paying for car insurance and all the expenses that having a car bring. But then I would also have to deal with the “inconvenience” of not having a car.

This isn’t a post that gives advice or analyzes wellness information. It is just me ranting about the financial woes of having a car and that I cannot decide what to do. And me asking for advice and your experiences. Seriously. I need to be mentored on this.


Edit: something about something broken on my axel or something. It’s going to be $300 to fix. Which just an FYI means that JUST this summer I have spent $1000 on car repairs. Just this summer. Just car repairs. And to put that in perspective, I have spent an ENTIRE paycheck on car repairs this summer.

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