Physical Wellness: Lunch Time Workouts

I am one of the (I didn’t do the research so I don’t actually know how many) workers who sits at a desk all day and stare at a computer doing stuff. I try to abide by my own “rules” of getting up and walking around throughout the day, but sometimes I fail miserable (i.e. when I’m analyzing data). I also struggle with when during the day I should work out. If I work out in the morning, I feel rushed going through my workout because I keep thinking of how much time it is going to take me to get ready and then I rush through getting ready in the morning and I just don’t like to start my day off like that. I prefer to have a more laid back, calm, not rushed start to my morning. So that usually leaves working out at night. But sometimes (read:  winter time) working at out night is just as miserable. The sun may not be out, it’s cold…it’s just miserable.

So what’s the solution? Is there a solution? I have found a bit of a compromise in working out over my lunch hour. It gets me out of my office and up and moving around and it gets my workout in as well. But like all the other times, it is not without fault. I can’t go too hard to get too sweaty because I am going back to work. What I have been doing the past couple of weeks is walking to the gym (5 minute walk), doing a 5 minute warm up on either the cross ramp or elliptical, lifting and then walking back to work. This gets me about 15 minutes of just cardio and I end up getting around 30 minutes of lifting in. It’s enough to get my heart rate up a little bit but not so much that I’m gross and drenched in sweat after my workout (read:  no I do not shower after my lunch time workout, that may be gross but I have medium length, thick hair…you understand if you understand…that made sense).

The point of this post is this. There are always excuses to not workout and to skip a workout. But with every excuse to not do the workout, there is a way to make it work. It may not be perfect, but getting your heart rate up a bit and getting moving. Lunch time workouts are not my favorite, not by a long shot (that is a three way tie between park workouts, swimming, and running), but they get the job done.

What are some of the workouts you do that you maybe don’t love, but they get the job done? Maybe workouts when you are short on time, don’t have the space to do a proper workout, missed the gym time, etc.? I realllllly would like to know. I’m always looking for new ways to get active (read: I almost bought another stability ball just to keep in my office…true story).

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