Mental Wellness: De-Stress Your Life w/ This?

I was chatting with a co-worker last week and he mentioned this little device to me that is something that can help regulate  your stress and emotions and try to help improve your performance. According to the ever reliable item description on (you can go ahead and send me my award for best researcher ever), emWave uses changes in your heart rhythm (heart rate variability analysis aka HRV) to measure your emotional state. When you are experiencing stress-related emotions like anger, anxiety, etc., your heart rate becomes irregular which then negatively affects (effects…errr…this is the ONE word in the English language that I just don’t get)…IMPACTS (there, found a way around it) your brain and your overall functionality as a hu-mon being. When your heart is beating regularly, it is said to be an indicator of coherence levels which allegedly are linked to positive emotions.

If you can’t tell, I’m a little sketch on this…anyway, when my co-worker was chatting w/ me about it, all I could think of was the episode of “The Office” when Stanley Hudson has his heart attack and has to get that stress monitor…


Ok, so that’s not the exact episode…(whoops! SOURCE!) but you get the point. It just reminded me of that.

On Amazon, the emWave is going for around $160. But I wonder…what can you do for free or for almost free that has the same impact (see what I did there?) on your stress instead of buying some fo-fo device (that actually the more I look at it, the more tempted I am to buy…)? Some people say yoga, meditation, etc. But what about the people that just thrive off of stress? What about those people that just love having some of that good eustress and can just bust out work like it is nobody’s business? See the thing with stress is that it isn’t has simple and straight forward as it sounds (nothing ever is). Because there is bad stress (distress) and good stress (eustress) and it is trying to distinguish the difference between the two. It’s also trying to figure out your personality and how you respond to stress.

How do you de-stress your life? Would you ever be tempted to use one of these? Do you own an emWave? What are your thoughts on it?

One thought on “Mental Wellness: De-Stress Your Life w/ This?

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