Spiritual Wellness: Find Your Way.

One of my first blog posts was on spiritual wellness and detailing how running is my way to hit the reset button on my day and find my calmness. Since then, I have not written about spiritual wellness because, much like social wellness, spiritual wellness is a topic that I often have “impostor” syndrome. I don’t know a lot about it and even though religion is a topic that fascinates me, I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination. I guess religion isn’t want fascinates me as much as people’s differing views of the world and how religion shapes that (if that makes sense).

So why am I writing a blog post about finding your way in spiritual wellness? Beats me, but sometimes I like to just start the conversation and see where it goes. Even though I’m not religious, I try to not be close minded about religion and respecting of those around me who chose to be religious (to an extent-I mean I’ll be respectful but please respect my decision to not be religious and don’t recruit me into your religion). I like to open those conversations but in away that doesn’t make someone feel like they are being attacked for having a belief or being laughed at/judged for having a belief that is different than mine. I’ll admit, I struggle with it. I come from a scientific background so sometimes it is hard for me to wrap my head around religion. (Uh, disclaimer, this post may just be me word vomiting all over the place…)

So, my question to you, is how did you find your way with spiritual wellness? Did you just grow up in the environment or did you chose the spiritual path as an adult? What factors went into your decision making process? Did you want to keep tradition alive (ex. everyone in your family is Christian, so you value family and tradition and you are Christian as well)? How do you approach someone who is of differing religion/faith/spirituality than you? Why do you keep in your religion/faith/spirituality? What keeps you active in it? What doesn’t?

So many questions. I’m a curious mind. I always have been. I like to pretend I’m still a 2 year old that always asks, “why”. And more than that, I have found that talking to individuals about their views on spirituality is more exciting than reading research on it.

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