Social Wellness: Seize the Day…er or Opportunity!

It is well known that on any scale of wellness that you use to measure me on, I usually am slacking in social wellness. I am by definition not very outgoing; I’m quiet and reserved (until you get to know me). So last week when I got an email about a local running store having Thursday night runs (the exercise, not the other thing), I immediately asked if one of my co-workers wanted to go and check it out. Unfortunately, I was insanely sick for the first week so I didn’t go for the kick off. But I showed up last night. And I was intimidated. First off, I was the only girl there. Second, there were all these insanely awesome guys who were just going to do a quick 6 miles (I think they ended up doing a 6:40 pace). I was freaking out. There was no way I was going to keep up with them even for a mile. But luckily, there was a second group going out for just a couple miles at a nice pace (no idea what our pace ended up being). I joined that group. Me and my co-worker plus two other guys who worked in the store set out. To go just a nice easy 4 miles.

We went across the bridge (big stuff! I have only been across the bridge one other time so I was all wide eyed and checking stuff out) and went to new trails that are sand trails so even though it had been raining earlier (and all week) they weren’t too damp. We ended up doing 5 1/2 miles! I haven’t done a long run since my half in June so it was good to get out there and do a nice long run. It was even better to go out with a group and a group that can pace themselves (something I am horrible at!).

In addition to getting all the good feelings from working out, I also got time to be around other people and engage in a little bit of social wellness (even though I’m horrible at chatting while running). But the point is, I could have easily not gone and done something else last night. But I went and I got to meet some new people while also knocking out 5 1/2 miles. All good stuff.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Social Wellness: Seize the Day…er or Opportunity!

  1. Been waiting all day to get to “the machine” (my computer) to respond to this. Go you! I’ve only been running for less than a year. I’ve done a 5K, a 10K, and in January, I’ll run my first half . Not many in my current circles do the running thing. Though sometimes, I can convince a kid to grab a bike and ride while I run. 🙂 I used to hate doing it alone. And I still prefer to run with someone but I’ve come to see my running time as my personal, quiet time. I send a text to my man to tell him I’m out and about (cuz I run outside), turn on the tunes, and find that place that just can’t care about the little things.

    This is so inspiring for me. When things settle down in my schedule a little bit, I’ll see if there is a running group in my small-ish town. Keep up the good work!!!

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