Intellectual Wellness: Uh, Which Diet Should I Do?

I’ll start off with saying, I hate the word diet. It annoys the living daylights out of me. Diet, schmiet. But for the purposes of this blog post, I will use it. Mainly b/c the Washington Post article I am writing on is all about diets. This article briefly breaks down the gluten-free diet, paleo diet, clean diet, “fast” diet, and the Mediterranean diet.

We all know that there are a million more diets out there. Walk into a grocery store. Bam. South beach. Lean cuisine. Uh, other diet things? I don’t really know what there is in the grocery store anymore (whoops, probably should have had a quick walk through my grocery store before writing this…) mainly b/c I keep to the outside and whatever I need on the inside, I can throw the blinders on, take a deep breath, and army crawl into enemy territory to get what I need and get out.

The reason why I wanted to share this article with you guys wasn’t to go through and analyze all these diets (I don’t know them well enough to be honest-I tend to follow a bit more of a “paleo” type diet but I customize it to meet my needs), but I wanted to share how Telis (the author) broke down these diets. I found that so much more interesting than the actual diets. But that is probably because I’m a research nerd and I love reading research.

Telis presented the information in a way that he gave the pros and cons to the diet in question. By doing this, you can see maybe certain characteristics of a diet that you could adapt to your “diet”. For example, the “fast” diet which normally I would scream and throw a fit about b/c I thinking fasting is stupid and I hate when I have to fast for a health screening, but he points out the logic behind it. By taking x amount of days and fasting, you are switching up your diet and you are also using some amount of self-control. Now I don’t recommend fasting at all, but I can see where those two ideas could be beneficial (changing up my intake and exercising self-control) in my personal nutrition.

This article I found is really full of information (even if it is only 3 pages long-but it makes it a fast read). I’m going to quote Telis’ last few paragraphs because how he wrote it is just perfect.

Ultimately, building a better beach body isn’t about short-term diets or fads; it’s about long-term lifestyle changes that make your body as healthy as possible, Katz says. And those are fairly simple: eating minimally processed, whole foods, eating only when you’re hungry, and getting more exercise.

“Diets are, almost by definition, things you get on and get off,” he says. “It really needs to be about your whole dietary pattern. If you wouldn’t put your 4-year-old child or your 80-year-old parent on this diet with you, it’s a gimmicky short-term fix and not a way of eating better for a lifetime.”

What are your thoughts about diets? Do you read articles about different diets? Do you get as angry as I do when anyone mentions a new fad diet that they are on? Share your thoughts! I want to know! Comment below, Like me on Facebook and let me know, or tweet me. Or you can email me ( Loads of ways to share your thoughts!

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