Sickness Update

I feel about 75-80% back. I tried to drink some coconut water yesterday…and I just don’t like coconut water. I just don’t. I have tried a few and I haven’t liked any of them. They all taste like dirty dishwater to me. And I don’t actually know what dirty dishwater tastes like…so.  I also meant to pick up some nuun when I went to the grocery store last night and I completely spaced on it until I was already in line…and I was the next one up…and grocery stores after work are busy…(I know, I know, excuses excuses! C’mon Vanessa!) 

I went for a walk last night at my favorite trail…I was dying for some kind of endorphins. I really wanted to run, but knew that I wasn’t quite back enough to run. I did a couple miles of walking/hiking/a little tiny bit of running. 



This is the entrance to the trail that I like to go to. It was a really nice jaunt. Until some guy came just to walk around the trail and smoke. 

But wellness posts will 100% be back on Monday. I’m feeling much better. Thanks for your kind words and sticking with me through this and while I work on finding my footing with this blog. I’m learning a lot. And fast. Running a more professional blog is completely different than running a personal blog! 

Have a great weekend! 

2 thoughts on “Sickness Update

  1. Glad you’re still on the up and up – but I hear you. Coconut water tastes like… tree feet? Ha. The only one I ever truly enjoyed was blended with mango, which I love. A truly fresh coconut is different but as they say these days “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

    • Thanks! I’m quite glad I’m feeling better too. Yeah my co-worker said he would use coconut water that wasn’t as tasty and use it in a smoothie. So I tried that last night too…and it was just a mess. I’m also one of those people that if I know something I don’t like is in something (like cauliflower) I won’t eat it at all. I’m like a child.

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