Physical Wellness: Park Workouts

I sometimes get asked about my park workouts so I thought today would a good day to explain more in depth about my park workouts.

Park workouts started out with das boy and I just running down to the park to play. And then we realized that we could probably do some pretty good workouts at the park. It took some trial and error to figure out a good workout and we are pretty much always changing it up but the core of our workouts tends to remain the same.

We run to the park (our current park that we workout at is a little over a mile away). As we round the corner to go to the park we bust out a crazy intense sprint to the finish. Das boy played baseball in college and tends to be a better sprinter than I am so he always wins, but the gap is closing.

We then move to box jumps…but there aren’t really any good boxes to jump on so we do bench jumps and jump up on a bench. When we are really feeling torturous (like we were last night) we also throw in sprints. We sprint across the pavement which contains a kickball “field” and a basketball court (we run the width of the basketball court plus the kickball court to the end and back). We do 3 box jumps and run to the end and back and repeat a total of 4 times (so you end up doing 12 box jumps and 4 runs). That’s one set. You do three. And then puke. And it’s AWESOME!

From there, we move on to this weird monkey bar thing Image

Ignore me in the picture (I’ll touch on this workout in a bit) but see that weird green thing to the right of the picture? That is a monkey bar/jungle gym deal and das boy and I do push ups and rows on it. How? If you can see that along the sides of this contraption, there are bars of varying height. I take the lowest, the boy takes the middle one. we get in push-up position w/ our hands grabbing the bar at one end and our feet planted on the other end. You do 6 pushups and drop. You grab the bar and kick your feet up over the other bar and pull yourself up from the bar. Do 6 rows and repeat the whole sequence again. That’s one set. We do three.

Next we head over to this crazy thingImageHere you can see das boy balancing on the bar (details of that to come) but you can also see how there are varying heights of the bars beside the two parallel bars. We do 3 dips on these lower bars and then do bunny hops over the parallel bars. You finish you dips and run to the bars jump up into the middle and then over to the other side, turn around and jump into the middle and to the side you started on and repeat this sequence until you hit 12 dips and 4 sets of the bunny hops. That is one set. We do 3.

We then take to the big kid monkey bars. Jump up and do 3 knee tucks, drop into a squat and end up doing 3 jump squats. On the third jump squat, grab the bar and do 3 knee tucks. Repeat this until you hit 12 knee tucks and 12 jump squats. That’s one set. We do 3.

Next is when I go and do sit-ups. Remember that picture that I used to explain the push-up and row series? And how I am crunching up in that picture? I do 30 situps hanging upside down. This hurts das boy’s knees so he hangs upside down


Next we go back to the scene of the dips and bunny hops and do one of our favorite things which is what we call the balance bar.

ImageWe have a little route set up and we go through walking on the bars of this whole set up and then going across the monkey bars as well. It’s a nice end to the workout but don’t be fooled, it’s still tough.

Now I know that all of these exercises aren’t possible at every park (das boy and I have actually scoped out other parks to see if they are) so it’s important to go look at your local parks and see what they have to offer. One thing that you can do at almost every park are swings. You can plank on swings (and if the wind is really going. whew! You will get a great ab workout) and you can do lunges on swings (put your leg into a swing and hop forward a little bit and you lunge) OR one of my favorites is to do the pike pushup. Get down on your hands and put both feet into the swing. Get settled into the plank position. Pike your body up and then when you come down do a pusup. OH MY GOSH! That’s an awesome workout!

Do you like to explore different places to workout besides they gym? Do you have any great park workouts that you like to do?

2 thoughts on “Physical Wellness: Park Workouts

  1. You rock. Um…I run outside on a gravel road. Might have to do some strength training on the swing set in the yard or something after reading this, though. Great pictures. Inspiring and very helpful. Go you!

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