Overall Wellness: Monthly Check-In aka Joey from FRIENDS “How You Doin’?”

I’m going to start a new feature on my blog! A monthly check-in to go through some of the things I said I was going to do and see how I’m progressing with those.

Financial Wellness 

Overall, I did alright this past month with financial wellness. I bought a new set of dishes this weekend for $15 (on clearance down from $35). I ran into a big of snag though when my car decided to … er … do something. I am having to break into my emergency stash of savings which I keep locked up in my mom and step dad’s safety deposit box in Iowa. It’s what I call my “oh shit fund” and this weekend something happened with my car…something with a fan or a ball bearing…I’m not really sure. The boy knows what’s crackalackin on my car so before I take it in I’ll have him (for the millionth time) give me a run down on what needs to be taken care of on my car.

Physical Wellness 

Remember when I said I was going to do the Ultra Iron Man challenge that my grad school was doing? Yeah, I’m so far behind on that…there is no way that I will finish. But the positives of this are that it got me in the pool and swimming. I went from swimming 20 lengths the first time I got in the pool to swimming 50 this past week. I went from a 2 stroke to 3 stroke breathing pattern and even attempted a flip turn last week. I’m not the strongest swimmer out in the pool, but I’m in the pool putting forth a huge effort and starting to get those glimpses of when I was a fairly decent swimmer. I’m glad I pushed myself to get into the pool and start swimming. Because I was terrified to do that.

Occupational Wellness 

I have some exciting news on that front but more of stuff that I’m going to keep mum about for the time being. I hit a major roadblock this month when I found out that CHES deemed me ineligible to sit for the exam in October. But I’m in the process of kind of fighting that/they said I had no classes that would work towards that class and I know I have at least one (if not all…).

Mental Wellness 

One thing that I have been trying to do more of this month is taking some time to stop thinking about the past and planning for the future and just being in the now. I find that I do this best when I am in the pool swimming. I have to concentrate so much on swimming (and not drowning) that I completely forget to think about how many laps I need to swim or how many I have swam or what I did at work or what I need to do, etc. Swimming is the only workout that I have ever done that I can do without music and I don’t get bored. I am constantly thinking about my form or how I can push myself or just staying afloat that I don’t even realize that I have already swam a couple of laps (which also tends to make it a little bit hard to count …)

Other things wellness related

I have officially made it 2 weeks caffeine free! I had a major temptation last week to grab one of the diet cokes sitting right in my office, but I pushed through it and made it without drinking caffeine. In the past two weeks I have only wandered upstairs one day to grab an extra snack.

I think that catches you guys up on pretty much everything…

During July I want to accomplish:

  • Sugar/sweets free
  • Being active everyday (similar to my 50 days of running challenge but without running everyday
  • Swim a mile (about 71 lengths…but I would do even so 72 lengths)
  • Utilize my weekends for more than just napping………(serious problem!)
  • Get my research done and blog post finished that I need to get approved through a researcher in the field
  • Save. More. Money.
  • Get. Away. From. My. Phone. (especially during my vacation!!! coming up SOON!)

I think that covers some of my main goals. I want to know how your June went! And what your goals are for July! Leave a comment here, like my Facebook page and tell me there, email me (wellnessblogging@outlook.com), or tweet me!

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