Intellectual Wellness: Another Adventure in Cooking

Going into my Saturday night grocery buying, I had no idea what new food I was going to pick up to try cooking with this week. We first hit up Checkers (think Aldi’s but less German and more mainstream. Everything in there is super cheap and you bag everything yourself but you don’t have to “pay” a quarter for a cart and you don’t have to pay for bags or grab empty boxes while shopping. They also have a wide variety of brands and fresh produce.) I didn’t see anything that sparked my curiousity or taste buds.

We next went to Kroger (I’ll give my Kentucky friends a moment to be shocked here) and again I just wasn’t seeing anything interesting. I finally settled on eggplant. Again, I have eaten egg plant before and enjoyed it. Plus as someone who has experimented with being a vegetarian and who has been a bit of a pseudo vegetarian for the past oh…8 years or so, eggplants have been in my diet off and on. But, like artichokes, I have never prepared them before.

The recipe I am using is THIS from theKitchn. Again, I just did a google search and knew that I wanted to prepare the eggplant in the oven. This recipe seems simple and easy enough. I’ll prepare it tonight (Sunday) and report back.

I never ate my eggplant. :/ I prepared it and then I was too scared to even try it. I wrote this post up 10 days ago and on Sunday this week when I do my weekly food prep and clean out my fridge, I ended up just throwing out my eggplant. When I took it out of the oven it wasn’t really anything like the recipe said it should be and I just got weirded out by it…I have eaten eggplant before and really enjoyed it but I have never prepared it before and this seemed to be a fail. This week I went for just trying a new food-feta cheese in my salad. I needed something easy that wasn’t actually something that I cooked. Because I have had two fails in two weeks. I’m not the strongest of chefs…

2 thoughts on “Intellectual Wellness: Another Adventure in Cooking

  1. I can identify! I can’t tell you how many times I bought something healthy with the intent to make it and then just ended up tossing the asparagus, cucumbers or mushrooms long after they had spoiled. Like you, I watch my budget and shop the stores for the best deals so throwing stuff out makes me feel bad. I’m trying to do better about finding recipes to actually use up my produce.

    • Hi Julie!!!

      It has to be one of my biggest pet peeves about myself! I want to try new and different food and so I will pick stuff up at the grocery store and then end up just sticking with the same stuff as always.

      Thanks for your feedback and insight!

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