Physical Wellness: Late Night + Fasting = Grumpy Vanessa

I stayed up late last night to watch the Blackhawks game and also had to fast all morning for a health screening that I did at 10:30. I was grumpy this morning. I hate not having breakfast. I’m still feeling the effects of skipping breakfast.

Anyway, I wanted to share that as much as I post on the other factors/dimensions of wellness, it’s important that your physical health is in check. Preventative health!!

My results of today’s screening!

Total Cholesterol:  193 mg/dL  (Under 200 desirable)
HDL Cholesterol:  81 mg/dL (over 60 optimal)
LDL Cholesterol:  96 mg/dL (under 100 optimal)
TC/HDL Ratio:  2.4 (3.8 or below means low risk for heart disease)
Triglycerides:  82 mg/dL (under 150 desirable)
Glucose:  82 mg/dL (under 100 normal)

Blood Pressure:  128/81 (low enough that it is in the normal range; stress needs to be reduced!)

Waist Circumference: 28 inches (below 35 normal)

Height:  5’4″ (I grew!)
Weight: 129 lbs (I have no shame in admitting my weight)
BMI:  22 (grumble grumble BMI is a horrible way to measure health, but I’m normal using this scale)

All in all, glowing results! I sat down and pretty much immediately the doctor said, “you’re going to have good numbers, I can just tell.” I told him I better, I work hard at being healthy.

Anyway, the point of this post is that it is good and useful to actually know your numbers. I often times will request to not know my weight when I step on a scale because I would just rather not know. I don’t like basing my health off of a number on a scale. But getting your blood work done and knowing your number is great.

My action plan after this? I’m going to keep maintaining my healthy lifestyle. I track my food M-F and Friday evening/Saturday if I feel like indulging a little bit or sitting on the balcony and enjoying a beer (or 2), I will. I work out about 5 days week right now (not in major training for anything). I’ll work on handling my stress better and making sure my sodium intake is down.

Do you know your numbers?

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