Physical Wellness: A Nutritional Experiment.

I’m really weird w/ experiments. Sometimes I will do tons of research before hand and make sure I have all the facts and other times, I just dive in and go, “meh, let’s see what happens.”

This experiment falls under the latter of those two. Tuesday morning I woke up and stumbled to my kitchen and reached for my coffee maker and then had a lot of, “I wonder what would happen if I didn’t make coffee today…” Now those of you that have ever had any interaction with me in the morning are probably a bit scared that I had this thought and thinking that you are glad you weren’t around to see what happened. BUT I had this thought because Monday morning I had maybe a handful of sips of coffee and was fine. My cup of coffee that I drink in the morning got ruined because I keep it beside me when I’m getting ready in the morning and accidentally sprayed heat protectant INTO my coffee (whoops!). My coffee that I bring into work lately just hasn’t been getting touched because I sit down and start working and just forget about.

So since Tuesday (really Monday) I haven’t had ANY caffeine of any kind (including not touching my Diet Coke stash at work). So far, I haven’t really noticed a difference in my energy levels. There hasn’t been a big difference in my demeanor. I haven’t had any physical problems or caffeine withdrawls. So I’m going to continue the experiment…see what happens. I really didn’t do research about cutting caffeine out of my diet before hand. I know that having too much is not good…but I drink a couple cups of coffee in the morning and have an occasional diet coke (which is quickly being replaced with drinking brewed ice tea!) so my caffeine consumption was not really that alarming to begin with (now if you had talked to me in grad school…that would have been a different story).

What’s an addiction or “addiction” that you have maybe had in the back of your mind to quit? How would that process look like and are you willing to make the jump into quitting or cutting back?

One thought on “Physical Wellness: A Nutritional Experiment.

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