Financial Wellness: A Quick Tip

Ah, financial wellness. Probably my…worst dimension of wellness and hardest to keep in check…even though it is actually one of the easiest to keep in check.

This week I have been testing a theory. For the past couple of weeks as I have been diligently plugging along w/ work, I have found myself wandering upstairs to the food area and grabbing a snack. Just to put it in perspective, the lady that works in the coffee shop knows that I am getting grapes and cheese every time. She actually let me cut in front of people because she knew what I was getting and that it was going to be fast and easy. Yup.  You know your snack runs are getting bad when the people not only recognize you, but know exactly what you want.

So what I have been experimenting with this week? Leaving my debit card and cash at home. Getting rid of the temptation and removing the ability to actually go and buy something. No money, no problems? I’m not sure that’s exactly how that saying/song goes…but so far it’s working. By not having my debit card/cash w/ me and removing the ability to spend, I’m no longer spending that … (cringe) $12-15 a week on just snacks.

Although it feels a bit frightening and scary to leave home sans money (a lot of what if scenarios tend to pop into my head) it has, obviously, helped me stop spending wastefully at work.

Now if only I would stick to the budget that I actually created for myself…

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