Occupational Wellness: Taking Responsibility

…or life wellness too.

I recently took a leadership style assessment for a company that a guy I went to grad school works for (follow that loop?). I was excited to take this assessment and get my results back. I have always been a strong leader (in fact on my LinkedIn, it’s my most endorsed skill-not that LinkedIn is scientific research, but you know). So I settled into my seat at our local Kroger store where they graciously give me internet and I graciously buy their food and took the assessment. A day later I got my results.

And wow oh wow was I shocked. My leadership skills and style have drastically changed over the course of a year and instead of this assessment reflecting a glow-y review of my superb leadership skills, I got a punch in the gut at how I much I have started slacking and not putting for the effort I should (cringe) be.

When I first read the results, I immediately blamed a whole hosts of situations. And then I continued to scroll through my results to see that I scored in the “doesn’t take responsibility” category. Oh the irony.

So I sat there and scrunched up my rather large noes like I always do when I realize that I was wrong and made more of a commitment to take responsibility for my work and decisions.

So, yet again another challenge this week that I present to you…are you taking responsibility for your decisions? And even further than that, are you taking ownership of your decisions? Be it at work, at home, or in your personal life. If not, I challenge you to start challenging yourself. When you start to blame something or someone else. Stop. Think about it. Is it really that the computer is lagging or is it you that is lagging? What can you do to start taking more control and responsibility over your life.

After all, you are the one in the driver’s seat.

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