Intellectual Wellness: Experimenting with Food

Last Friday, the boy and I watched some Ted Talks on Netflix (if you don’t have Netflix, I found a link to the playlist on YouTube HERE) that were all about food. (Dan Barber was clearly my favorite!) It got me thinking, what can I do to help out with the food problem? I’m not a farmer, I’m not a chef, I’m nothing more than just one person with a desire to help out.

Well, I decided that I would work harder at not buying processed food and buying food from our local farmer’s market (I happen to live in a town that has a FANTASTIC farmers market-the plus to living in a “hippy” town!). l also decided that my weekly meals of om-ing on the same thing every week wouldn’t help either. So…Dan Barber inspired me to start experimenting with food. Which may or may not introduce me into a new segment of this blog.

The plan is that I will buy at least one new thing every week. New can mean I have never tried it or that I have never prepared it. This week falls into the latter category. While I absolutely love artichokes, the thought of preparing them scares the living daylights out of me. They are confusing and pointy and pokey and I just have no idea how anyone gets the deliciousness from an artichoke onto a pizza.

But here I am. With two fresh artichokes in my fridge ready to be experimented with.

A few days later, I have cooked one artichoke and the other remains in my fridge. I have a habit of reading a recipe and then just thinking that I can improvise and make something. I threw one artichoke in the oven and baked it on 350 for 40 minutes and squeezed fresh lemon juice all over it. It turned out terrible. Just terrible. I have one more artichoke and I will be researching more recipes to find something that hopefully will turn out better than this.

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