Physical Wellness: The Next Big Challenge

I may or may not have mentioned on here, but I have a goal to complete a sprint tri. There is one that my grad school does every spring that I have kind of had in the back of my head to compete in…but I’m still working on the swimming (going again today!) and still on the hunt for a bike. And like most big purchases in my life, I will be stubborn and picky and not pick a bike until I am completely happy with it.

Until then, my grad school is doing a summer challenge (I should note…I graduated grad school last year…but I love the department I did my GA in…so  I keep participating in stuff…even though my grad school is in Kentucky and I am in Kansas…that’s called dedication!). The summer challenge is the Ultra Iron Man Challenge. It’s 5 miles of swimming, 200 miles of bike riding and a 50 mile run that you have to complete between June 10 and August 9. I have to say the swimming is what I perceive to be the biggest challenge to me followed by biking and then running. I need to average 42 lengths of the pool every week to meet the challenge. Last week (my first week back swimming!) I did 20.

It’s an added challenge because the gym that I use (which is free for staff as opposed to paying $250 a year…which is STILL an amazing price for an AWESOME gym…but I’m cheap and if I can get something for free…I’m going to do that) is only open during the lunch hour (not a viable option for me) and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

There IS a pool that is $4 in town that I can go swim in on the weekends though. So I might do that.

This is a VERY rambly post! But I wanted to let you guys know what my next physical wellness challenge is after completing 50 days of running and my half marathon. Feel free to join into this challenge as well! Since I’m not a student anymore, I won’t get a free shirt or anything, but I WILL get to say I completed it.

What are your next fitness goals?

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