Emotional Wellness: Turning Your Day Around.

I will be the first to admit that I have crummy days and I don’t always handle them the best way. One of the big things I have been working on this year is being more positive or at least finding something positive in every day. It has definitely helped with my general outlook on life, which more would classify as “pessimistic” or “very pessimistic”.

Yesterday I was just having one of those days. Everything seemed to be going wrong, from finding out bad news to not being able to let go of certain things. I was just having a crummy day. But then I went to the park and had a great workout and came back home and watched my newest addiction, Extreme Weightloss (I have an addiction to watching these types of shows…one of my favorites was on TLC, “My 600 Pound Journey”). Meredith was on this weeks episode. And by golly was she AMAZING! She hit her goal weight of 155 pounds but more than that she was just positive throughout the entire thing. She ran a marathon. A MARATHON! She discovered how much she loved to run and how good she was at it (as well as swimming). It was just awesome to get to see this girl discover running in a similar way that I did. And she was just positive the entire time. She didn’t hit her weight loss goal at the 6 month or 9 month weigh in but each time she made sure she walked away from the situation positive and ready to tackle the next challenge. At the 6 month weigh in she was something like 198 and she was supposed to be somewhere in the 180s I believe. And she looked at the scale and said something along the lines of, “I’m disappointed I didn’t make my goal but I can’t look at the number and be mad. At my highest, there was a 4 where there is a 1 right now. I can’t be mad.”

Damn. That is some inner strength and positivity right there. And motivation to turn those crappy days around. Normally I would have gone to bed in a bad mood because I had a bad day but instead I sat and thought of the positive things that happened that day and went to bed content.

There is something positive in everyday. Even if it is something tiny. I challenge you today and this week to find something positive in everyday. You can journal it, (they actually have apps for this!) or you can just make a mental note of it. But try it out for a week and see if it helps you turn your day around. Because emotional/mental wellness is important to!

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