Early Morning Runs.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been doing a 50 days of running challenge. Not everyday is a hard run or an 8 miler, but everyday for the past 46 days, I have been running. These are some shots from this morning’s 2 1/2 mile jaunt on a new route.

Through this challenge, I have had to find a time everyday to run. Friday’s present the biggest challenge as I usually run at night. And Friday nights are reserved for time with my boyfriend and watching whatever hilarious show we are into at the moment (Bob’s Burgers is our most recent find).

With Friday nights being taken up with spending time with Eric, I have had to resort to waking up at 4:45 am every Friday and running. This morning during my run, I realized that sometimes I get too caught up in the numbers. I use the RunKeeper app (because my Garmin is dead and I can’t find a place to replace the battery) and every 5 minutes you get an update on your run-time, distance, pace. I got angry at 5 minutes when the lady chirped in (and interrupted my Matchbox 20 Pandora station) and said I was at an 8:18 pace. My first two miles are always sub 8s! This was crazy for me I was off at least 20 seconds from my usual pace.

Later I realized that I was concentrating too much on the numbers and not enjoying the ride. Yes, getting out of bed at 4:45 am is torture. But running that early in the morning w/ a good Pandora station and seeing the world calm…it’s awesome.

Early Morning Runs.

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